"I write. I write because I have to. I tell stories. Sometimes they are songs sometimes they are poems and sometimes they just are. It is in this place that I seek to understand the balance between darkness and light.”


Lady Grace, a.k.a. Emily Grace, began writing songs when she was 23, she first found her lyrical home in Spoken Word circles in Seattle. Admiring and coveting the skills of some of the cities best Spoken Word artists, and inspired by Piece she sought to create her own spoken word album. Years later, after a bad break-up and spending countless hours playing the same three chords on the guitar, she wrote her first (really bad) song.

The floodgates had been opened. The coming months would find her in the midst of a high-ly creative singer-songwriter collective. The creative juices began to flow, but when it looked like drugs had taken precedence amongst the artists she left in a hurry. The next years found her finishing a degree in American Ethnic Studies, travelling to South Africa, and playing songs here or there.

The songwriting fever took hold a couple years after graduation and there was no turning back. An opportunity to record, and some successful shows, had her hooked. She had found her drug. Now she had to make it her work. She now plays with Eric Fridrich (guitar), Evan Flory-Barnes (bass), Joseph Mascorella (drums) and occasionally with Andre Feriante (guitar). Her music combines the influences of classical, hip hop, and the blues folk tradition, as well as incorporating elements of Brazilian, and Latin music. “Songs are given,” she says, “so they come through the funnel you create.” She listens to everything from Tupac to Shakira, Sera Cahoone to Schostakovich, and does not find this to be in conflict. She listens to artists that inspire her, and hopes that her work inspires too. It is about being yourself, and seeing yourself in others too. It is about the unique and the interconnected. The balance.

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